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How to Generate Clean Electricity: The Green Outdoor

Looking for emotions in the open air and polluting to produce the clean energy and electricity we need? No thanks. An all-Italian green thermoelectric generator allows the batteries to be recharged in a sustainable and silent way: here is the ZEUS range by Mobil Tech that is revolutionizing the open air.

Leaving your home for a few days, for a month or even for a long time to enjoy the beauty of being in contact with nature, but maintaining all the comfort of someone who has a safe haven. If this is the bucolic choice of those who love en plein air, it is easy to believe that they do not like being disturbed by noises and smells that are not so relaxing like those of diesel engines or generators, nor do they choose polluting systems to live and power the batteries related to services. It is the issue of energy generators that are used to keep the service batteries in campers and boats charged, a crucial issue when it comes to eco-compatibility and environmental and individual well-being.

To reduce the pollution

Mobil Tech has found a revolutionary solution that meets environmental needs and solves the problem of electricity and clean electricity, keeping the batteries of campers, trucks and boats charged: ZEUS, an innovative, silent and powerful thermoelectric generator. The whole ZEUS range is designed to reduce pollution and offer an electric power and a charging capacity of the on-board batteries capable of supporting the most common utilities: ZEUS200, for example, can deliver 200W without making noise and a charging capacity of 400A / day, while ZEUS80 produces 80W of energy, both at 12V or 24V. But let’s go in order: ZEUS200, Mobil Tech’s thermoelectric generator dedicated to the nautical sector. | FOCUS

Green Electric Current

How does it work? Each generator in the ZEUS range exploits the well-known Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821 and now used by accredited bodies such as NASA on its expeditions to power space probes and lunar rovers. In practice, clean electricity is generated through the difference in temperature that is created between the two faces of a particular module made up of a special material, tellurium bismuth, a semiconductor. Seebeck, in fact, had discovered that an electric current is generated between two metals (or between the two extremes of a metal element) subjected to different temperatures. But the Seebeck effect is not enough. You have to know how to create two temperatures and make sure that the difference between them is so great that it generates an acceptable amount of electric current and also clean electricity. Therefore Mobil Tech, together with CNR researchers, studied a reliable and marketable prototype that was suitable for marine and land applications.

Sailboats and campers

Each ZEUS thermoelectric generator consists of a latest generation diesel burner whose heat produced is absorbed by the “hot” side of the Seebeck plates, while on the opposite side cooling is ensured, on sailing boats thanks to the temperature of the sea water. or river, for campers, on the other hand, thanks to a closed circuit that uses coolant and a radiator equipped with fans specifically produced to ensure maximum silence.ZEUS80, the compact model for the recreational vehicle sector. | FOCUS

Recharging In Respect Of The Environment

The advantages? High yield, noiselessness, maximum eco-compatibility, reduced fuel consumption. But this is not enough. ZEUS200 and ZEUS150, are able to integrate with other sources of energy and clean electricity, such as solar or wind: the clean electricity generator, Mobil Tech by itself, automatically selects the best energy source to use, with priority on energy free produced by solar panels or the wind generator, for recharging in respect of the environment and minimizing the consumption of fossil fuel.

Zeus For Camper And Boats

ZEUS works when the camper is stationary; in the case of the boat, even when it is in motion. For small and medium-sized boats, ZEUS200 can be chosen as the only system for generating clean electricity (for autopilot, desalinators, refrigerators, lights, devices and heater), while for larger boats as an auxiliary and night system to be able to rest. in complete relaxation. For recreational vehicles, ZEUS generators can be used as a single generation system, according to your needs. For info: Mobil Tech