zeus 200

Zeus 200

A new intelligent and ecological way of experiencing the boat is born.

Zeus 200 automatically keeps the batteries on board charged, powering both instruments, small devices (even at 230V via inverter) and watermakers.

For small and medium-sized boats it can act as a single energy supply system, while for larger boats as an auxiliary system for maintaining it during the night, in absolute silence.

ZEUS 200 uses thermoelectric technology by exploiting the Seebeck effect, discovered in 1821 and still used to supply electricity to NASA space probes.
The generation of current is linked to the difference in temperature created between the two faces of a particular module inside the product: in the nautical application the thermal delta is created by a small burner and diesel for the hot side and by the water of sea ​​for the cold side.

  • Quietly delivers 200W of typical power;
  • Charge capacity of 400Ah / day;
  • Both automatic and manual management of the service battery and the vessel;
  • Automatic management of solar panels or wind generators, always selecting the most ecological and economical energy source;
  • Management of all types of 12 / 24V batteries with specific charge curves;
  • One-touch system control and management;
  • 4.3 ″ touch screen display.

Operation Diagram

ZEUS 200 is installed in fixed mode inside the boat, not occupying any useful space in the living area. The installation can also be carried out on small boats.

An authorized dealer will find the ideal location for the ZEUS 200 thermoelectric generator.

Integrations With Photovoltaic Panels

The thermoelectric generator ZEUS 200 can be integrated with a photovoltaic panel or with a wind generator (optional), allowing to obtain an automatic control and recharging system of the boat’s batteries.

The ZEUS 200 control unit automatically selects the best energy source to use, with priority to free energy deriving from solar panels or the wind generator, for recharging in respect of the environment and a solution to the minimum consumption of fossil fuel.

Technical features

The table compares the ZEUS200 with the systems most used to date to ensure the recharging of the on-board batteries.

SMELLnot perceptiblehighperceptible
BOX EMISSIONSlowhighmedium