Projects in progress

radiant floor, walls and ceilings dedicated to recreational vehicles

Development of a hot / cold delivery system dedicated to the cells of campers, hospitality, special vehicles. The goal is to heat / cool in a short time, perfect thermal efficiency without increasing the weight of the sandwich currently in use.

Heat recovery system

Design and management of a system to recover the heat produced and unused by a generator to convert it into a liquid dedicated to heating and producing domestic water in a camper.

Generator dedicated to boats with electric propulsion systems

Study of a new type of very ecological and silent electric generators dedicated to the production of electricity dedicated to both lagoon and sailing boats equipped with electric or hybrid propulsion. Valid combination with the low electricity consumption air conditioning system for the possibility of heat recovery.

Air conditioning with low electric consumption and ecological

Starting from a granted patent, the ambitious project aims to eliminate both the electric compressor and the high pressure freon hfc gas in favor of a heat pump powered by both generated and recovery heat. The resulting benefits are innumerable: the e cabile cells of trucks, campers and special vehicles can be air-conditioned both while driving and when parking in a silent way and with low electricity consumption, eliminating the need for noisy generators. Since this is an applied technology and not a type of product, many other useful applications can be derived. Given the innovation, we have formed a partnership with major companies and research institutes to present ourselves to European and State calls.