The Generator That Nasa Likes

They left Brianza to arrive in Pasadena, California, at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where the results of a unique project in the world in the field of thermoelectricity were demonstrated. An international patent so particular that it even takes its cue from space, so much so that it managed to capture the attention of the

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parabola bonsai

I-Sat Plein Air 2012

In addition to the well-known and popular Mobilsat +, the Milanese Mobiltech has another automatic satellite antenna in its catalog, however, made with a project that starts from completely different technical assumptions than its older sister. This is the i-Sat, a model with a compact and modern design, which uses a Cassegrain type dish and

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articolo plein air

PleinAir editorial

To face the technological challenges of the plein air of the third millennium, the Brianza-based Mobiltech decided to focus strongly on innovation, trying to introduce elements of exclusivity. After the experience with the Mobilsat + satellite antenna, Mobiltech has decided to carry out a completely new project and, in the style of the company, easily

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