zeus 80

Zeus 80

Zeus 80 Is The Pioneer In The Field Of Thermoelectric Generators.

  • He silently delivers 80W of typical power;
  • Charging capacity of 160Ah / day;
  • Easy use through the 2.8 ″ touch screen display;
  • Both automatic and manual management of the service battery;
  • Charges any type of 12V battery: Pb, Gel, Agm, LiFeP04;
  • Use of fuel present in the vehicle tank;
  • Operation even at low temperatures.

Cooling unit separated from the generator to facilitate installation.

zeus 80

How Zeus 80 works

Different operating modes, to be able to use it in any situation:


Optimize energy production by calibrating consumption and noise.

Suitable for all situations.


For maximum energy production.

Very useful for recharging your batteries in a short time.

potenza zeus 80

After the birth of Zeus 80, Zeus 150 and Zeus 200 were also born.