zeus 150

Zeus 150

A Portable And Versatile Thermoelectric Generator

  • Quietly delivers typical 150W of power;
  • Charging capacity of 300Ah / day;
  • Automatic and manual management of service and vehicle batteries;
  • It autonomously manages the solar panels, always silencing the most ecological and cheapest energy source;
  • It manages all types of 12 / 24V batteries and the corresponding charge curves;
  • Thanks to the 4.3 ″ touch screen display you will be able to control the system in complete autonomy.

Cooling unit separated from the generator to facilitate installation.

zeus 150

Integrated System

With Zeus 150 it is possible to integrate a photovoltaic panel (optional) to create an automatic system that controls your batteries.

The control unit that automatically decides the best energy source to use with priority over the free energy of the solar panels.

Your batteries will always be charged, with respect for the environment and reducing the consumption of fossil fuel as much as possible.

generatore di energia elettrica zeus

Operating mode

Different operating modes, to be able to use it in any situation:


Optimize operation by keeping background noise low.

For maximum silence.


Optimize energy production by calibrating consumption and noise.

Suitable for all situations.


For maximum energy production.

Very useful for recharging your batteries in a short time.

potenza zeus 150

4.3 ″ Display Compatibility With Mobilsat

The large 4.3 ″ display of the Zeus 150 generator is compatible with the Mobilsat satellite antenna.

You can use the single mode, in which each product is managed in all its functions, or you can divide the display on the two products, to quickly access the most used functions of both.

All with a simple touch.