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We design and industrialize innovative and cutting-edge products

Ours is a company that works with great passion and that follows projects starting from the idea, development and patenting, passing through industrialization and certification to get to the sale. We can say with certainty that to date all our ambitious design goals have been achieved. Find out more…

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Discovering consists in seeing what everyone has seen and thinking what no one has thought”

Albert Szent-Gyorgi

Satellite antenna

HD automatic satellite antenna. Pure technology for your camper.

Thermoelectric generator

The innovative ZEUS generators recharge the batteries of campers, boats and trucks in silence.

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Generatore di corrente silenzioso ed ecologico per camper ZEUS 80

What we do?

The logical description of a product starts from development and reaches industrialization, passing through certifications and any management of European and state tenders

“Our skill lies in getting passionate about the project by finding the best technological solutions and creating a network of professionals and companies capable of achieving all the set objectives.”

Luca Barin,

Founder, CEO of MT Innovation

ZEUS Generatori di correnti silenziati per camper

Why MT innovation?

Because we aim for the quality of our products without neglecting their economy. Our experience in engineering and electronics means that today we can count on experienced professionals capable of solving any problem.


Initial research is a key step in exploring possible alternatives and assessing the feasibility of the project, authorizations and necessary patents.


The development involves companies and experienced professionals capable of providing cutting-edge technological solutions for the creation of innovative products.


The design and test phase consists of experimenting with different solutions and improvements to bring the products to a higher level than the competition.


We study an economical and efficient production line for industrial productions in order to be able to offer large quantities to distribution.

Press review

MT Innovation has acquired an important know-how in various sectors including: satellite, energy, air conditioning and electronics. Discover the publications and awards we have obtained over the years as proof of the quality of our work.

effetto seebeck

The technology used by NAASA is also available to recharge the batteries of campers and boats, thanks to the research of an Italian company …


The idea was to develop a generator that did not exploit energy produced by a heat engine but from other sources: gas, diesel, petrol …


The intelligent generator without motor for boats, campers and boats …


We successfully collaborate with many realities, always with great professionalism and availability. Find out what our customers and suppliers say about us.

Marco Masoero - testimonial1
Marco Masoero - Engineer

“I’m Marco Masoero, engineer and lecturer at the“ Galileo Ferraris ”Energy Department of the Turin Polytechnic.

My experience teaches that two conditions must be met in order to guarantee effective collaboration; that the company’s technical manager has clear ideas on what to ask the university and that he is able to communicate effectively with his academic partners: Luca Barin perfectly embodies both of these roles “.


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Maria Eve
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Liam Bower
“Tristique sed odio nunc ut morbi sit urna, vitae, sed pellentesque massa, pellentesque lacinia sapien tempor enim netus euismod tincidunt varius malesuada ornare morbi lorem suspendisse non posuere penatibus tincidunt aliquam lorem.”
Carlo Fanciulli - CNR-ICMATE

“As a technical-scientific consultant, by virtue of my skills on the thermoelectric topic, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Mobil Tech in the development of the prototype of a Seebeck generator for the maintenance of batteries in automotive systems.

The union between the worlds of research and industry has proved extremely fertile and effective, finding in the partners a common goal in technological innovation. The Mobil Tech staff led by Barin Luca was able not only to give strength to an idea, but also to seize the opportunity to exploit the skills present in the territory both in terms of production chain and in terms of support for innovation . “

carlo fanciulli - testimonial2
Massimo Cremonesi - CMC Tecno

“Together with MTInnovation we have created a thermo generator for recharging batteries on mobile vehicles that exploits the Seebeck effect.

The development of projects requires the creation of teams of people where everyone brings their own contribution to achieve the objectives set.

A good team is like an orchestra, basically it must be made up of good musicians but for a good performance it must be led by an excellent orchestra conductor, and Luca Barin knows the fact of him in this. “

massimo-cremonesi - testimonial3

IL nostro team

Luca Barin MT Innovation

Luca Barin


Luca Barin MT Innovation

Mark Anthony

Senior Pathologist

Luca Barin MT Innovation

Samantha Wood

Laboratory Technician

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