MT Innovation: Our history

Born in 1985 with the name of Elektrocar Service, a company that dealt with the resale and installation of technological accessories for car dealerships and workshops.

Since the beginning, following the demands and evolution of the market, the activity has been increased by adding to the installation of car radios, alarms and air conditioners that of satellite navigators and alarms, with the aim of proposing the most appropriate solution to the loyal customer. your needs.


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• Between 1999 and 2000, after entering the recreational vehicle sector, Elektrocar Service initiated a series of collaborations with important companies including Kathrein, a multinational operating in the satellite reception sector, and ST.LA. srl, a market player in the camping sector.

• In 2004, Elektrocar Service was absorbed by Mobil Tech s.a.s., our company dedicated to the import of technological multimedia products dedicated to the camper sector and thanks to the experience gained over years of technical assistance for other companies.

• In 2007 Mobil Tech decided to create its own range of products, starting with the creation of a satellite antenna with an excellent quality-price ratio so as to be able to embrace a wide clientele.

• At the end of 2008, Mobilsat + was born, a technologically advanced satellite antenna with automatic pointing, capable of satisfying the real needs of the motorhome owner; the product is so successful that for the first few years the entire production is absorbed only by the Italian market.

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The great sturdiness and precision of the new product have meant that it has been selected in the Broadcasting sector not only to receive but also to transmit signals to satellites in order to carry out live television. The Mobilsat + antenna was later also used by civil protection to create satellite data networks where disasters have interrupted cable communications.

To meet the demands for low-cost and easy-to-install products, i-Sat was designed in 2010, a first-rate automatic satellite antenna dedicated to large users. Following persistent market demands to make a mobile vehicle autonomously energetically in a way that respects the environment, we have studied various systems that would solve the problem.

After evaluating various technologies, we chose the Seebeck system as the most suitable for our purpose. The conception and patent of Zeus150, a thermoelectric generator that respects market demands, allowed us in 2015 to successfully participate in a SME INSTRUMENT duly concluded at the end of 2017. Zeus150 is the first consumer-use Seebeck technology generator in the world .

• In July 2015 Mobilsat was completely redesigned, becoming the first automatic satellite antenna programmable from a touch screen panel and with SmartScan function. It is a technologically advanced project also mechanically because aeronautical-derived composite fibers with high strength and low weight are used and previewed.

• In 2018, after completing the industrialization process, the innovative Zeus150 generator is put on the market, arousing much curiosity and interest in many sectors.

MT Innovation s.a.s. was born in 2019 company dedicated to the development and research of new projects and in 2020 MT4 Innovation s.r.l. an innovative startup, very passionate that follows projects starting from the idea, development and patenting, passing through industrialization and certification to get to the sale.

We can say with certainty that to date all our ambitious design goals have been achieved.

• In 2020 the range of Zeus generators is expanded by offering the market Zeus80, a model characterized by lower power, and Zeus200, a version dedicated to use on boats. Even sailing boats can be electrically independent in complete silence and without polluting the marine environment.

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Why MT innovation?

Because we aim for the quality of our products without neglecting their economy. Our experience in engineering and electronics means that today we can count on experienced professionals capable of solving any problem.


Initial research is a key step in exploring possible alternatives and assessing the feasibility of the project, authorizations and necessary patents.


The development involves companies and experienced professionals capable of providing cutting-edge technological solutions for the creation of innovative products.


The design and test phase consists of experimenting with different solutions and improvements to bring the products to a higher level than the competition.


We study an economical and efficient production line for industrial productions in order to be able to offer large quantities to distribution.

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