Anything that doesn’t exist could be invented.

For many years dedicated to conceiving, patenting, designing, industrializing and certifying new products related to the satellite and energy reception sector, we offer ourselves to customers interested in developing new products with a technological content.

Why us?

Because we combine inventiveness and the ability to think outside the box in the creation of a new project. Because we collaborate with research institutions of primary importance. Because we are aware that if a product does not exist it does not mean that it cannot be done.


  • Feasibility studies
  • Patents
  • Participation in any
  • State and European calls
  • Prototyping
  • Mechanical design and molds necessary for the realization of the products
  • Studies of the materials and surface treatments to be used
  • Electronic design of power, control, command
  • Industrialization and research of the best technologies to use
  • Cost analysis
  • Tests and certifications
  • Manuals
  • Packaging

Some products made

The difficulty of a new project, in addition to the project itself, is the identification of professionals who are truly capable of collaborating together and strongly motivated to pursue the best possible result.

Satellite antenna

Pure technology for your motorhome. Automatic 68 cm aluminum dish, designed and patented for the new HD signals.

Italian design, latest generation materials, low mechanical tolerances to obtain extraordinary results of mechanical precision and wind resistance.

Thermoelectric generator

The innovative ZEUS generators recharge the batteries of boats, campers and trucks, keeping them always charged in silence.

A true pioneer in the field of thermoelectric generators, with ZEUS it is possible to integrate a photovoltaic panel to create an automatic system that controls the batteries.

zeus 200
Thermoelectric generator

ZEUS automatically keeps the on-board batteries charged, powering both instruments and small devices and desalinators.

For small boats it can act as a single energy supply system. A new intelligent and ecological way of experiencing the boat is born.

zeus 150
Thermoelectric generator

ZEUS 150 is powerful and versatile, it independently manages the solar panels, always selecting the most ecological and cheapest energy source.

It is possible to integrate a photovoltaic panel to create an automatic system that controls your batteries, and it is also compatible with the Mobilsat satellite antenna.

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