zeus 80

Zeus 80

Zeus 80 Is The Pioneer In The Field Of Thermoelectric Generators. He silently delivers 80W of typical power; Charging capacity of 160Ah / day; Easy use through the 2.8 ″ touch screen display; Both automatic and manual management of the service battery; Charges any type of 12V battery: Pb, Gel, Agm, LiFeP04; Use of fuel […]

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zeus 150

Zeus 150

A Portable And Versatile Thermoelectric Generator Quietly delivers typical 150W of power; Charging capacity of 300Ah / day; Automatic and manual management of service and vehicle batteries; It autonomously manages the solar panels, always silencing the most ecological and cheapest energy source; It manages all types of 12 / 24V batteries and the corresponding charge

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zeus 200

Zeus 200

A new intelligent and ecological way of experiencing the boat is born. Zeus 200 automatically keeps the batteries on board charged, powering both instruments, small devices (even at 230V via inverter) and watermakers. For small and medium-sized boats it can act as a single energy supply system, while for larger boats as an auxiliary system

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