It’s Green: Zeus Charges Batteries Respecting the Environment

ZEUS IS ECOLOGICAL: it stops working with charged batteries, avoiding unnecessary waste of fuel.

ZEUS IS SUPER QUIET: With 30 dB (A) at 7m, you can sleep even when it’s on and don’t disturb your neighbors.

The Smart, Motorless Generator For Motorhomes And Boats

It is enough to have made only one trip in a camper to know that recharging the battery is one of the fundamental themes for the well-being of the trip. Among solutions that present pros and cons, the plurality of advantages of the generator that exploits the Seebeck effect, the same used for space probes, emerges.

Designed by the Italian Mobil Tech, the generator is at the top levels for environmental compatibility. The generator works directly with the vehicle’s fuel and, if integrated with a photovoltaic panel or a wind generator, chooses the renewable energy source as a priority, so as to minimize the use of fossil fuel.

Zeus: Particular Signs

Very low emissions, high yield, extreme silence, absence of unpleasant odors, maximum eco-compatibility and reduced fuel consumption. It also stops working when the batteries are full, avoiding unnecessary waste of fuel.

All these aspects make ZEUS a truly green all-round generator, with the utmost respect for the environment and its inhabitants. With ZEUS everything is under control, thanks to the color touch screen, intuitive and easy to use.